The magic of Diamond Stud Earrings

Whenever you go through any fashion magazine or watch any award ceremony, you hardly find celebrities with unclad ears. If their outfits are exceptionally gaudy and they can’t afford to adorn them with any jewels, a lovely pair of diamond studs is their favorite pickup. Sometimes simple and elegant clothing makes you win all eyes with just a pair of petite earrings as an accessory. This is the real magic of donning diamond stud earrings. Many gorgeous celebrity beauties like Suki Waterhouse, Jessica Pare, and Anna Kendrick created a magic spell on the red carpet with some exclusive and designer pair of diamond studs.

Celebrities Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond stud earrings go well with any outfit and other jewelry pieces you wear. Whether it is a casual day, your everyday office, or a dinner party, diamond studs flaunt the graceful you in all occasions. They are also the best companions of bare necklines. Stud earrings are available in many cute and contemporary shapes such as sunflower, fan-shaped, butterfly, star and pear-shaped, and many others. They can embrace your ears in big or small sizes. Moreover, diamonds can also be clasped securely inside a gold, silver or platinum enclosing.

Diamiond Stud Earring

Not only women, but many men also love to put on a pair of studs. These dainty charms give men both a royal and stylish appearance. In fact, men are mostly seen wearing a single diamond stud, which looks very cool and fashionable. Thus, the charisma of diamond stud earrings is not sufficed to any person or occasion. They look adorable on all ears, and this is the reason their allure never fade out.

How to personalize old-new-borrowed-blue and a sixpence?

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” You must have heard of this old English rhyme that has an auspicious connection with a wedding. It beautifully explains what items a bride should carry to bring good luck and prosperity to her married life. She should carry one item of each category – old, new, borrowed, blue and sixpence. Let’s check out how a bride can include these good luck charms to her wedding.

How to personalize old-new-borrowed-blue and a sixpence

The tradition of this ritual was started in early Victorian era. It was believed that following the rhyme supports the bride in overcoming the stress of marriage, keeps her connected with the complete family and ensures her security, prosperity and good health. Earlier, the articles were given by family and friends but most brides these days work at their own to find a suitable piece for their wedding.

If you are looking to personalize the tradition for your wedding, you can try any of these ideas.

Something Old:

This first of five items represents bride’s connection with the family and her past life. It means that wherever you live, you will remain connected with your roots. It can be an antique or heirloom object, or anything sentimental.

Round Diamond Border Drop Earrings Princess Diamond Three Stone Drop Earrings

You can use your father’s car for the wedding day transportation, your childhood pillow to bear the ring, your grandmother’s handmade crochet table cover for the cake table, your mother’s diamond drop earrings as wedding jewelry or anything old that relates you with your family and friends.

Something New:

Certainly, everything will be new for you. The concept of including something new represents optimism for the future. It’s a symbol to show that the future is bright and beautiful.

Princess Diamond with Round Diamond Border Drop EarringsPrincess Diamond with Round Diamond Accent Love Knot Earrings

The new thing is your wedding dress (if you haven’t opted for your mother’s dress or an antique gown). You can also include your scandals, head accessories, a charm bracelet, your new lipstick and nail paint.

Something Borrowed:

Something Borrowed

Borrowing a thing for wedding from a happy couple or friend denotes that their good fortune will also help you in creating a blissful future. The borrowed items must be returned after the ceremony. It can be a small thing like a hairpin or a handkerchief or a bigger one like borrowing the backyard or farm to organize the wedding ceremony.

Something Blue:

Something Blue

Blue was the representation of fidelity and truth in old times. Blue dresses were worn to represent the ‘something blue’ tradition. However, the dresses were later replaced by small blue bands worn at the bottom of the wedding dress. You are not restricted to wear a blue dress or band. Include blue gemstone jewelry or a blue pin or brooch to follow the ritual.

Silver Sixpence:


It represents the blessings for financially secured future. You can include anything from an antique coin to a precious piece of jewelry to follow this tradition.

Five stunning drop earrings from 2014 red carpets

Millions of dollars of jewelry made its way on all the prestigious red carpets every year. This year it was no different. From finest and expensive statement necklaces (We love the $15million sparkle of Charlize Therone) to rocking rings (Beyonce‘s diamond rings at Grammy were stunners), every piece of jewelry at red carpet was simply enchanting.

Charlize Therone and Beyonce Opted Jewelry at Oscars 2014

While many jewelry trends were there, we especially loved the exquisite range of earrings that woo us with their bewitching looks.

drop earrings from 2014 red carpets

From studs to drops, dangles and chandeliers, every style was prominently seen at every award event. It was difficult to figure out the best of them all, and so we have just tried to put together few of the outstanding ear accessories for your reference.

Cate Blanchett’s opal and diamond dangles

Cate Blanchett's opal and diamond dangles

She was the winner at Oscars and simply captured our hearts with her impeccable fashion senses. Her selection of earrings was outstanding. The Chopard large floral motif earrings with opals and diamonds were the head-turners. We also liked her diamond wreath earrings at Golden Globes. The breathtaking pieces were also from Chopard.

Amy Adams’s multi-stone drops

Amy Adams's multi stone drops

The ‘American Hustle’ star sizzled at Oscars’ red carpet in her Tiffany drop earrings that had a very interesting color combination. The juice earrings centers strawberry-colored rhodochrosite, lapis and turquoise in yellow gold.

Angelina Jolie’s round diamond drops

Angelina Jolie's 42 carat flawless diamond earrings

She knows how to make simple things extraordinary. And once again she proved it with her selection of 42-carat diamond earrings for Oscars. The little spotlights have bold round diamond dangling from smaller once.

Anna Gunn’s geometric earrings

Anna Gunn's geometric earrings

The flattering and glamorous multi-colored geometric earrings of Anna Gunn were the perfect complement with her midnight blue dress.

Jessica Biel’s aquamarine earrings

Jessica Biel's aquamarine earrings

The platinum set aquamarine and diamond dangles of the star were perfectly complementing her ear-to-ear smile at Oscars.

Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings

Round Blue Diamond Solitaire StudsSome things are priceless and we can say this for sure when we talk about certain kinds of jewelry. We all agree with the fact that diamonds are rare and beautiful and therefore coveted in every possible form, but what do you say to an even rarer variety of these stunning stones? I’m talking about their colored counterparts that are unique and beautiful beyond doubt and available very sparingly the world over so needless to say they are extremely sought after. That’s exactly what these round diamond solitaire studs are, exceptional and exquisite in every possible way. The lovely hint of blue in these stones establish the fact that these stones are precious and set in this classic variety of earrings they have an understated and sophisticated appeal that is totally irresistible. We all know that blue diamonds are extremely hard to find and are therefore highly sought after and in this classic round shape their splendid color looks even more awesome. This is one pair any woman would vie to have in her personal collection. The subtle appeal and classy aura always makes this pair stand out and whenever you choose to wear them at any important occasion you can be rest assured that they will have an impact that cannot be compared to any other jewelry no matter how elaborate or flashy.

Kate Middleton Loves Studs

A fashionista forever, Kate Middleton is known for her best fashion sense and she knows how to look elegant and stylish each time. Women around the globe admire her for her fit and sleek body and also for her great jewelry. Though the Lady has some of the most wonderful jewels of her mother-in-law, yet she never fails to create her own niche in the world of fashion.

Kate Middleton Loves Studs

Every now and then, she is spotted wearing beautiful diamond studs. She loves to team them with almost all colors and styles of her outfit and needless to say, she is always successful in stealing the attention of the onlookers.

Kate Loves Diamond Studs

Her choice of pair of diamond studs never fails as this is the piece of jewelry that is a “must have” for any woman and when there is a lot of confusion on what to wear on which dress, the answer is the pair of diamond studs. Its neutral color makes it jell well with all colors of your outfit. The beautiful round shape complements almost all the shapes of the face and the sparkle adds a never before charm to your beautiful face. The magic is that the style goes well both at work place and outings. You can derive a formal look with studs at your office and meetings and a trendy and stylish look when going for a party. It becomes so easy to go for a get together directly from office when your jewelry is just the perfect for both the places and you have no time to change them.

Emerald and Diamond Studs

This gallery contains 2 photos.

When the combination of lush green emeralds and sparkling diamonds combine together, the beauty that comes out is beyond description. And, when this amazing combination materializes in form of a pair of studs, then the appearance is surely mesmerizing! We … Continue reading

World’s most famous Studs

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In the large world of attractive earrings, many styles and designs rule the heart of women all over the world. Though diamond studs are evergreen and complement every style of outfit and shape of the face, the women who love … Continue reading

Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Studs

Studs always look pretty especially when they are set with the charming pink sapphires. This is one variety of earrings we all reach out for whenever in doubt as to what to wear and never do they fail us with their optimum elegance and beauty. Give a twist to your most trusted pair by making them yourself with the blushing sapphires.
Pink sapphire Studs
The scope to play with the design is restricted in studs so the focus should always be on the stones so select them with care. Decide what shape and size of stones you’d like in your pair. You can opt for the classic round, cushion and oval or the more interesting marquise, pear, heart and princess. They come in a fine array of shapes and sizes and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Before you start searching for the right gems it is important that you do a detailed study on them and understand how color, clarity, cut and carat affect their look and price. This will help you buy the perfect stones at correct prices. Always source them from an authentic store that provides the certificate of authenticity.
sapphire Studs

After the stones you have to begin your hunt for the settings. Pick them in a metal you like whether white gold, yellow gold or platinum and always ensure the design has a firm grip on the stones.

Finally consult a jeweler who will complete them and you’ll have your very own pair of studs with the pretty pink sapphires.

Article Source – Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Studs

Have a look at Naomi Watts morphing into Princess Diana

Naomi Watts morphs for new Princess Diana movie poster

When Naomi Watts started working on the biopic of Princess Diana both her fans and those of the Princess Diana were waiting to get a sneak peeks of how she will look in the movie. Reports are that Watts’ transition into the royal member is complete and the first film still has now been released of the movie. What is amazing the Watts is looking the spitting image of the princess on the new poster as anticipation mounts over its September release. The Sapphires look beautiful on her and with release date in the month of sapphire will bring all the luck for this film.

Naomi Watts morphs in the roll of diana

In this picture Naomi, shows off her blonde blow dried crop hair, looking just like the late Princess Diana used to style hers. She also wears regal blue in a glamorous dress and her ears and neck dripping with sapphire jewelry.


Watts is even wearing a ring in the poster, which seems to mimic the diamond and sapphire engagement ring Prince William gave to the Duchess of Cambridge when he proposed to her in memory of his late mother.


Though Princess Diana Spencer died in horrifying car crash in 1997, but this year the People’s Princess has been brought back to life in a film biopic of her life. Actress Naomi Watts is bringing the beloved royal back to life, recreating famous images of the former Princess of Wales.

The film directed by Olivier Hirschbiegel, follows the final years of the British icon’s life before her tragic death in Paris that forced the world into mourning.

Diana is due in UK theatres in September but it does not have a US release date yet.

How to Build a Classic Jewelry Wardrobe

Buying jewelry can be a really daunting task as market place is full of options ranging from personalized precious jewelry piece with customization options to funky leather wrap bracelets. One can be really overwhelmed by the choices and wonder how to spend money wisely and still look stylish. To help you out we are here to help.

Building Classic Jewelry Wardrobe

Jewelers and style experts say that the golden rule for getting the most for your money is investing in classic pieces of jewelry that stand the test of time. If wondering what is Classic, Janice G. Ellinwood, department chair of fashion design and merchandising at Marymount University in Arlington explains that a piece of jewelry that can be worn every-day and still look fashionable is the apt example of a classic jewelry.

Enhanced Black Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are one of the adornments that top the list of classics. George Kaufmann a jeweler based in Potomac, Md says a pair of diamond studs is a fashion staple because it is something than is a must have for any jewelry wardrobe and it can go from generation to generation and never going out of style. Another winning point for the diamond studs is that they look good on everybody besides being accessible to everybody. Depending on your budget and taste one can get the right pair because they vary in size and quality and available in a wide price range.

Another important piece that can feature on this list of must-have jewelry are a strand of pearls and a pair of pearl stud earrings. Ellinwood says that Audrey Hepburn and and her classic pose with LBD accessorized with multiple stand pearl necklace immediately come to mind when I think of pearls,” said.

Audrey Hepburn and her pearl stud earrings

Lindy Kavanaugh, a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and a former jewelry appraiser for renowned Jeweler in New York says that a strand of pearls is the type of piece that you can build on, for example one can add a triple strand of pearls.