Couple in News: Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

Interestingly the Smith couple was in news but at very different locations and for different reasons. Jada Pinkett Smith graced the red carpet at the Cannes Festival in interesting neon dress which would have looked even more interesting if it were to be accessorized by diamond studs. As for Will Smith, he was in news for slapping a reporter who tried to kiss him at ‘Men in Black 3’s’ Moscow Premiere. Though a very media shy couple Jada and Will they were rumored to be on the verge of divorce. Though Jada recently denied all these rumors and said that their relationship is as beautiful as their diamond engagement ring.

jada-pinkett-smith-will-smithWill Smith

While Jada truly played Angelina Jolie when she wore a neon orange gown that had a thigh-high slit and daring, Will fell a little short of Brad Pitt. We know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie openly support gay marriages and even Will came out in support of gay marriage earlier this week. But the recent incident where he slapped a Ukrainian reporter in Moscow after he tried to kiss him somehow did not echo the same sentiments.


Earlier this week Smith had said that he favors President Obama‘s support of gay marriage. In Berlin on Monday he had said that if anybody can find someone to love them and to help them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form. That was all for Smith’s slap controversy now let’s see how his wife dazzled in Cannes.

Jada Pinkett Smith

We all know that she was there for the Cannes screening of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Jada, has given her voice to the part of Gloria in the much-loved animated films. But on Friday she looked sizzling in that neon orange outfit that had a gold armour neckline along with a daring back. As for accessories she paired up her updo with a hoop earring and sky-high gold heels. Her slicked back straight hair really drew attention to her earrings though hoops looked good but we think that diamonds studs would have looked even better.