Why Round Diamonds Are Popular For Earrings?

Whether it’s a radiant engagement ring or pair of lustrous earrings, round brilliant diamonds are by far the most popular and famous of all the diamond shapes.

From simple classic diamond studs to designer hoops, dangles or chandeliers, almost every style of earrings has round cut diamonds. Studded in different designs, these round diamonds create an array of sparkle. But what is so special about this traditional diamond shape which makes diamond earrings so popular.

Round cut is the ideal cut for diamond as it reflects maximum light. It is also known as round brilliant cut due to its significant attributes of highest brilliance, fire and sparkle.


A round cut has a standard number of 57 facets shaped like triangles or kites. They positioned in outward direction to enhance the diamond brilliance. When light enters into a round diamond it disperses equally and show off the different colors of the spectrum. And then the entire amount of entered light is reflected by the diamond which makes a diamond shine more brilliantly.

This outstanding quality of maximum light reflection makes round diamonds the favorite for earrings. Round diamond earrings give more radiance and luster to the face and beautifully highlight the facial features.


Choose round diamond circle earrings in 14k white gold or pick more traditional round diamond hoop earrings, you will definitely feel more ravishing when you’ll pair them with your stylish ensembles. Even color round diamonds have their special appeal and beauty. Along with the brilliance and fire of round shape, they add the desired hint of color to the looks.

Round diamond earrings in every style, design and flair are the most alluring of all diamond shapes and so they deserve to be a part of an enticing collection.

Timeless Emerald Earrings

Emerald, accredited for its fine texture and beauty, is a real treat to our eyes. Emerald is the birthstone of those born in the month of May. This green beauty is an excellent option to become a piece of jewelry. Emerald earrings are an all time favorite among the lovers of gemstones. Not only does it go with any outfit out of your wardrobe, but it also adds elegance to your style.

Emerald-Cut-Emerald-and-Diamond-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SE0118EH Pear-Emerald-and-Diamond-Border-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SE0136EB Cushion-Emerald-Dangling-Earrings-in-14K-Yellow-Gold_SE0147EH

Emerald earrings are exquisite piece of jewelry and its worn taking into consideration many factors of which the shape of our face plays the most important role. There are specific recommendations for each of the face shapes. Oval shaped faces are considered to be the ideal shape and almost all the emerald earring designs suit these faces. Long emerald earrings when worn with evening wear, can highlight your best features. Emerald drop earrings are also a hit among women with oval faces. Oversized emerald diamond earrings are what suits square faced women as this balances the wide jaw line. The diamond shaped faces are the easiest to find accessories for, because almost all the designs go well with them. Long shaped faces look good when accessorized with emeralds earrings that draw attention to their cheekbones .Long emerald earrings are to be avoided by this category.

Once you accessorize yourself with emerald earrings or customized emerald earrings based on the shape of your face, you are halfway down to making your own fashion statement. The emerald green has always been the color of beauty and constant love. It’s the color of the nature and of spring time. The hue of emerald when captured in dazzling designs to become an earring is just what women would crave for.

Dangle Earrings always rock!

Earrings are one of the most loved accessories of women. They have an inimitable quality of doing wonders to face. They say if you know what kind of earrings you should wear; it can not only make you more stunning but also add to your face like no other jewelry.

Dangle earrings have always been a favorite among celebrities. They are a perfect ensemble to compliment whatever dress you are wearing.

Have a look down here and take your pick!

Sofia Vergara Dangle Earrings 

Sofia Vergara looking so hot in her white dress that she accessorized with Diamond circle dangle earrings.

Paris Hilton Dangle Earrings

Paris Hilton looks gorgeous in her Black crystal earrings

Heidi Klum Dangle Earrings

Heidi Klum dazzles the evening with her gemstone dangle earrings