Some Tinseltown Leading Ladies and Their Diamond Studs

On Tuesday night some leading ladies of the tinseltown were at Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London. Some of the memorable looks for the evening sparkled because of they were punctuated with diamond studs. For all those new to showbiz world, it is one of the biggest events on the UK showbiz calendar. Like any other big event it again gives these celebs a chance to dazzle and shine.


Glee’s Lea Michele had all the reasons to smile as she featured on the list of winners and she turned heads with her long dark blue strapless gown with a mermaid tail.


But the star that looked stunning yet simple was Jessica Alba. She wore a long black lace gown with chiffon material around the neckline and shoulders. Her flawless make-up along with her hair pinned up on her head immediately drew attention to the beautiful studs that added sparkle to her lobes.


Though diamond studs always look good with black gowns who can forget the famous diamond studs of Angelina Jolie wore along with Versace dress at “The Tourist” Berlin Premiere.


She loves these studs and that is why she again wore a pair at the Golden Globe. These Platinum and diamond stud earrings were really huge at 25 carats and this time it was teamed with the cream satin gown with a side slit that cut up to her thigh.


Coming back to the event on the Tuesday one more A-listers who wore the diamond studs to perfection was Eva Longoria. She had flown across the Atlantic especially for this event and after a week of parading a number of glamorous frocks at Cannes, she dressed up in an Orange number for a change. Her orange Victoria Beckham dress looked like she was off for a girlie lunch and not for a red carpet bash but still managed to look fantastic.


Besides these, there were many more ladies flaunting their gowns and gemstone jewelry at the red carpet including Oscar nominee and The Help star Viola Davis. She looked gorgeous in a sparkly black dress. The actress who may soon be playing Princess Diana, Naomi Watts was also on the guestlist and she wore a black and beige dress for the evening.


But the real winner for the evening was undoubtedly Kylie Minogue. Besides being the award winner she was also a highlight of the red carpet parade. The 44-year-old singer looked years younger in her glittering gold gown with a huge bronze ring as her only accessory but we feel that a pair of diamond studs could have made it even more memorable.

10 Tips to Choose an Online Store For Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry shopping is always thrilling for most women and if it is shopping for diamond jewelry she is sure to be pleased beyond words. Although diamond shopping is always welcome and fun, shopping online for your diamond jewelry can be a whole new experience that is not only time saving but is also a lot more simpler than hopping from one jewelry store to the next trying to find the right pieces of diamond jewelry. Here are a few tips that will make online diamond jewelry shopping all the more exciting for you. Round-Diamond-Sleek-Curved-Shank-Ring-in-10k-White-Gold_DRW18814_Small

First and foremost verify the authenticity and security of the website. The SSL security must meet the desired expectations as you will be sharing a lot of personal and financial information when you place your order. So ensure they meet the set standards.

You should also take care to select an online jeweler whom you trust. Try and single out a few from a list and buy only from the one you feel most confident about.  

Since it is diamond jewelry you’re buying ensure it is accompanied with an authentic diamond Rings certificate from a reputable organization that entails all necessary details.

The customer service offered by your online jeweler should meet the desired expectation. The queries you posed should be met with adequate and proactive responses.

Always select a website that is informative and gives out detailed information of the diamond jewelry on offer and the quality of stones. Channel-Set-Round-Diamond-Solitaire-Ring-in-10k-White-Gold_DRW18830_Small

Don’t miss out the extra perks and benefits that most online jewelry retailers offer whether it is a discount on the price, free shipping or exemption from sales taxes, make sure you ask about them in case they aren’t mentioned.

Select an online jeweler that boasts of excellent craftsmanship and impeccable finish for these are important for the look of your precious diamonds.

Ensure the return policy of your online jeweler allows you to return the jewelry and not suffer any loss in case you’re not happy with your purchase.

Always make a comparative with other competitors and check the jewelry they are offering and at what prices. This will help you in selecting your online diamond jeweler.

Also make sure you are getting good value for money by shopping for your diamonds online. You should feel happy about the deal and more so about the purchase you’re making. With online jewelry shopping the advantage is you can always look for alternatives without putting in much effort in your search.

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Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan is probably one of the most famous diamonds in the world. The rough weighed a massive 3106 carats or about 1.33 pounds, probably the largest in the world. The diamond was discovered in South Africa in January 1905 and was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, who was the owner of the mine and was visiting it when the diamond was found.

Cullinan Diamond to King Edward VII on his birthday

Besides being the biggest diamond ever found, Cullinan displayed excellent color and clarity. Later, the diamond was bought by Transvaal Government and was presented to Kind Edward VII on his 66th birthday.

Star of Africa Crown Jewels of United Kingdom

The Cullinan was then cut into 9 large diamonds and several small ones.     Cullinam-I, a.k.a Star of Africa is the largest of the nine diamonds and weighed 530.2 carats. This diamond was also the largest cut diamond in the world until 1985 when the Golden Jubilee diamond (545.67 carats) was discovered.

Star of Africa is a pear shaped diamond and is mounted into the head of Scepter with the cross. The second largest diamond from the Cullinan stone or Cullinan-II aka Lesser Star of Africa at 317.4 carats is the fourth largest polished diamond in the world. Both gems are a part of Crown Jewels of United Kingdom.

Cullinan diamonds

· Cullinan III is a pear shaped 94.4 carats diamond mounted in Queen Mary’s Crown.

· Cullinan IV is a cushion shaped 63.60 carats diamond that is also mounted into Queen Mary’s Crown.

· Cullinan V is a heart shaped diamond that weighs 18.50 carats. It was first mounted in Queen Mary’s brooch but now takes the place of Koh-i-noor in Queen Elizabeth’s Crown.

· Cullinan VI is an 11.50 carats marquise shaped diamond.

· Cullinan VII is again a marquise shaped diamond. It weighs 8.80 carats and is mounted in a pendant on a small all diamond brooch

· Cullinan VIII weighs 6.80 carats and is a rectangular cushion. It is mounted on the same brooch as Cullinan VII.

· Cullinan IX is a pear shaped 4.39 carats diamond and was mounted in a ring.

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The beautiful black diamond – Spirit of de Grisogono

Spirit of De Grisogono

At 312.24 carats, Spirit of de Grisogono is the world’s largest cut black diamond and the fifth largest diamond in the world. This beautiful black diamond was cut from a rough of 587 carats. This diamond originated in west of central Africa from where it was imported to Switzerland. Famous Swiss jeweler De Grisogono is responsible for giving the diamond its shape. He cut the diamond using the Mogul diamond cutting technique. It is said that it took him more than a year to cut this diamond. De Grisogono is famous for his collection of black diamond jewelry and watches. He has also given Gruosi Diamond, world’s largest heart shaped black diamond, its stunning shape.

Black is a very rare color in diamonds. These diamonds are quite unique. They absorb light completely and display an interesting play of light.

This black diamond is set in a ring with white gold mounting studded with 702 white diamonds totaling to 36.69 carats. The Gubelin Gem Lab describes the Spirit of de Grisogono as a rare specimen for this type of diamond in view of its great size.

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Forever Diamond Solitaires

You can never ever go wrong with diamonds. Stylish and forever dazzling, diamonds don’t cease to compliment any kind of wardrobe. No matter the occasion or time, you can always make a mark with diamond jewelry.

Diamond solitaire studs are a must have in every woman’s jewelry collection. This is one piece of jewelry that can add easy charm to a daywear or a dash of chic elegance to your office attire. Diamond studs are also capable of bringing oodles of subtle style to your evening wear. One thing is for sure, if you’re ever unsure of what jewelry to wear, all you must do is reach for your pair of diamond solitaire studs.

Diamond studs are desirable in any shape, but it is usually the rou14k-Yellow-Gold-Round-Diamond-Studs-(1-ct.-tw.)_AEY0015_Regnd ones that are most popular. The reason being, the brilliance and clarity of the stones are best defined in round diamond studs. Princess cut diamond studs are also gaining on popularity due to their contemporary cut and style.

If you’re looking for the best way to complement diamond studs all you need to do is add a solitaire diamond pendant to your existing pair of studs, especially if you want a dressier look. Where just a pair of diamond studs can tend to look subtle a diamond pendant brings in just the right amount of dazzle that can set an evening wear apart.

The best thing about solitaire diamonds is the fact that they compliment women of all ages. While a young lady looks refreshing in a pair of diamond studs, the same pair can add appeal to a lady who is ageing gracefully. Diamond studs and solitaire pendants also make lovely gifts for this very reason and there is hardly a woman who can ever resist the magic of diamonds.

Not to mention the solitaire diamond ring that can steal any woman’s heart. So if she has already captured yours and you can’t wait to have her in your live, just

go ahead and slip a diamond solitaire ring on her finger and she will be yours forever.

Since diamonds are not only immensely beautiful and desirable to women the world over, they are also expensive. Nevertheless they have remained most sought throughout the centuries. The best thing about diamonds is the fact that you can acquire one according to the size of your wallet. A little compromise on the quality and size of the stone can help you fetch a pair of your favorite diamond studs and solitaire diamond pendant. If it is nothing but the best for you, opt for the stone with exclusive brilliance, clarity and cut. So what if it makes a dent in your wallet? It is after all a purchase of a lifetime, and as we all know diamonds are forever.

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