Some Tinseltown Leading Ladies and Their Diamond Studs

On Tuesday night some leading ladies of the tinseltown were at Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London. Some of the memorable looks for the evening sparkled because of they were punctuated with diamond studs. For all those new to showbiz world, it is one of the biggest events on the UK showbiz calendar. Like any other big event it again gives these celebs a chance to dazzle and shine.


Glee’s Lea Michele had all the reasons to smile as she featured on the list of winners and she turned heads with her long dark blue strapless gown with a mermaid tail.


But the star that looked stunning yet simple was Jessica Alba. She wore a long black lace gown with chiffon material around the neckline and shoulders. Her flawless make-up along with her hair pinned up on her head immediately drew attention to the beautiful studs that added sparkle to her lobes.


Though diamond studs always look good with black gowns who can forget the famous diamond studs of Angelina Jolie wore along with Versace dress at “The Tourist” Berlin Premiere.


She loves these studs and that is why she again wore a pair at the Golden Globe. These Platinum and diamond stud earrings were really huge at 25 carats and this time it was teamed with the cream satin gown with a side slit that cut up to her thigh.


Coming back to the event on the Tuesday one more A-listers who wore the diamond studs to perfection was Eva Longoria. She had flown across the Atlantic especially for this event and after a week of parading a number of glamorous frocks at Cannes, she dressed up in an Orange number for a change. Her orange Victoria Beckham dress looked like she was off for a girlie lunch and not for a red carpet bash but still managed to look fantastic.


Besides these, there were many more ladies flaunting their gowns and gemstone jewelry at the red carpet including Oscar nominee and The Help star Viola Davis. She looked gorgeous in a sparkly black dress. The actress who may soon be playing Princess Diana, Naomi Watts was also on the guestlist and she wore a black and beige dress for the evening.


But the real winner for the evening was undoubtedly Kylie Minogue. Besides being the award winner she was also a highlight of the red carpet parade. The 44-year-old singer looked years younger in her glittering gold gown with a huge bronze ring as her only accessory but we feel that a pair of diamond studs could have made it even more memorable.

Diamond Wedding Ring for Today and Forever

Wedding is the most important decision of life. It brings a new meaning to life and gives you endless reasons to smile in years to come. A wedding ring has a key position in a wedding ceremony. In the name of god once you slip it on her finger, both of you are connected forever. A wedding ring is more than just a metal circle. It is a symbol of eternity where love and togetherness never end.

Matte-Finish-Wedding-Band Round Diamond Matte Finish-Ring

This gateway of emotions and commitments is not only for a day but is for the rest of the life. When you select a wedding band for your lady luck, think of what you want your marriage to be? A diamond wedding band could be your choice. Diamond is the hardest and most valued of all gemstones. The use of diamond in a wedding ring was dated back to the medieval age.

Diamond symbolizes strength, strong commitment and clarity. It would easily express that you want your relation to be long lasting, energetic, and crystal clear and filled with wonderful and colorful memories. There are a number of designs available at jewelry stores to choose from. Solitaires, eternity bands, cathedral rings, twin bands, two toned rings are to name a few.

Every design has its own significance. A diamond wedding ring represents eternal love, devotion and a strong bonding. By choosing the perfect diamond wedding ring you’ll win her all over again.

Diamond Ring Guard – The Best Way To Protect Your Most Precious Stone

Nothing can equal the sheer beauty of a diamond and although jewelry of every kind appeals to women they are particularly fond of diamond jewelry. These shimmering and forever beauties have always been considered the rarest and most coveted varieties of jewelry and with their blinding dazzle have captured many a hearts.

Diamond Rings especially happen to be one of the most well loved forms of diamond jewelry that women simply adore. Not only are diamond rings extremely stunning but they are also priced pretty steeply so it becomes all the more important to care for them well and to protect these precious stones and the best way of doing this is with the help of a diamond ring guard for your choicest diamond rings.


A diamond ring guard provides safely for the diamonds that are embedded in a ring and protects these invaluable stones against any damage or loss. Besides they also enhance the beauty and appeal of a diamond ring. Many a times rings are designed in a way that definitely looks exquisite but are not very practical and the edges of the stones may remain exposed that at times may get tugged and often get misplaced or lost. With the help of a diamond ring guard such a situation can be avoided.

The most wonderful thing about diamond ring guards is that they not only protect the invaluable diamond ring against any damage but they also look charming and as a lovely addition to the ring’s attractiveness. It is an extremely wise step for anyone who is in love with a diamond ring and wishes to preserve its beauty to invest in a good diamond ring guard.


It is always a good idea to speak to the jewelers and get their suggestions about a diamond ring guard before actually buying the ring especially if your precious diamond ring doesn’t come with one already. You can always discuss the preference for a particular metal for your diamond ring guard but make sure it is in sync with the metal of your diamond ring.

If you are someone who is besotted with diamond rings and have always fretted over the safety of these glittering stones that adorned your rings; you can now heave a sigh of relief by getting a diamond ring guard which will not just keep your diamonds safe but will also add to the beauty of your invaluable diamond ring.

Jennifer Lopez’s love affair with Colored Diamonds

Jennifer Lopez’s love affair with diamonds and diamond jewelry have long been known. She has been repeatedly seen flaunting fancy diamond jewelry on the red carpet.

Recently the American Idol judge revealed that her favorite piece of jewelry is a 14-carat blue diamond ring that her husband Marc Anthony gifted her on their  anniversary.


This news kind of took me back to her once very much in news 6.1 carat Pink Diamond Engagement Ring that Ben Affleck gave to her many years ago.

Jennifer Lopez's Pink Diamond Engagement Ring The ring was a beautiful Harry Winston creation and was rumored to cost Affleck somewhere around $3 million back in 2002.

No doubt Anthony did a good job in topping off the 6 carat pink diamond ring!

A Brief Guide to Diamond and Sapphire Rings

Facets of Diamonds (Explored!)

Jewelry is any day a high end purchase and demands a good deal of care while selecting the right piece especially if it is jewelry that is not only beautiful but also rare. Diamond and sapphire jewelry especially are two of the most coveted and stunning of all gemstones and when it comes to buying them one would need to look at the various aspects that should be taken into consideration. Diamond and sapphire rings especially should be selected with a lot of care. So here is a brief guide to help you select the right diamond and sapphire ring at the right price.

Since diamonds are every woman’s best friend and they like nothing better than a diamond ring sitting pretty on their fingers let us start with the guidelines for buying a diamond ring. The basic thing here is to know all about diamonds so in a nutshell diamond education is very important. The four Cs or cut, color, clarity and carat are yardsticks that determine the quality of diamonds. But amongst all these factors cut is the most important discerning factor that decides the quality of diamonds. So when you decide to buy a diamond ring gather all you can about the four Cs especially the cut of the stone that will lend your diamond rings its special shimmer.

Beautiful-Crossover-Diamond-Promise-Ring-in-10k-White-Gold_WL_FRW60824D_RegComing to sapphire rings which are equally breathtaking and as popular and sought after, once again the key to selecting the right sapphire ring lies in the four Cs but here with a slight variation. The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting any gemstone is the color. So with sapphire rings also color, clarity, cut and carat are factors that decide the quality and hence the value of the stone so while picking your favorite sapphire ring look primarily at the color of the stone and select a sapphire ring in which the stone is a clear vivid blue which is neither too dark nor too light.

Another thing that would really matter while buying both a diamond and a sapphire ring would be to find out what the latest fashion and jewelry trends are so that you can select a ring that is chic and stylish. Even otherwise if you are someone who prefers a classic appeal in jewelry go ahead and select a timeless sapphire ring or a diamond ring but make sure you do it with care.