Five stunning drop earrings from 2014 red carpets

Millions of dollars of jewelry made its way on all the prestigious red carpets every year. This year it was no different. From finest and expensive statement necklaces (We love the $15million sparkle of Charlize Therone) to rocking rings (Beyonce‘s diamond rings at Grammy were stunners), every piece of jewelry at red carpet was simply enchanting.

Charlize Therone and Beyonce Opted Jewelry at Oscars 2014

While many jewelry trends were there, we especially loved the exquisite range of earrings that woo us with their bewitching looks.

drop earrings from 2014 red carpets

From studs to drops, dangles and chandeliers, every style was prominently seen at every award event. It was difficult to figure out the best of them all, and so we have just tried to put together few of the outstanding ear accessories for your reference.

Cate Blanchett’s opal and diamond dangles

Cate Blanchett's opal and diamond dangles

She was the winner at Oscars and simply captured our hearts with her impeccable fashion senses. Her selection of earrings was outstanding. The Chopard large floral motif earrings with opals and diamonds were the head-turners. We also liked her diamond wreath earrings at Golden Globes. The breathtaking pieces were also from Chopard.

Amy Adams’s multi-stone drops

Amy Adams's multi stone drops

The ‘American Hustle’ star sizzled at Oscars’ red carpet in her Tiffany drop earrings that had a very interesting color combination. The juice earrings centers strawberry-colored rhodochrosite, lapis and turquoise in yellow gold.

Angelina Jolie’s round diamond drops

Angelina Jolie's 42 carat flawless diamond earrings

She knows how to make simple things extraordinary. And once again she proved it with her selection of 42-carat diamond earrings for Oscars. The little spotlights have bold round diamond dangling from smaller once.

Anna Gunn’s geometric earrings

Anna Gunn's geometric earrings

The flattering and glamorous multi-colored geometric earrings of Anna Gunn were the perfect complement with her midnight blue dress.

Jessica Biel’s aquamarine earrings

Jessica Biel's aquamarine earrings

The platinum set aquamarine and diamond dangles of the star were perfectly complementing her ear-to-ear smile at Oscars.

World’s most famous Studs

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In the large world of attractive earrings, many styles and designs rule the heart of women all over the world. Though diamond studs are evergreen and complement every style of outfit and shape of the face, the women who love … Continue reading

Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Studs

Studs always look pretty especially when they are set with the charming pink sapphires. This is one variety of earrings we all reach out for whenever in doubt as to what to wear and never do they fail us with their optimum elegance and beauty. Give a twist to your most trusted pair by making them yourself with the blushing sapphires.
Pink sapphire Studs
The scope to play with the design is restricted in studs so the focus should always be on the stones so select them with care. Decide what shape and size of stones you’d like in your pair. You can opt for the classic round, cushion and oval or the more interesting marquise, pear, heart and princess. They come in a fine array of shapes and sizes and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Before you start searching for the right gems it is important that you do a detailed study on them and understand how color, clarity, cut and carat affect their look and price. This will help you buy the perfect stones at correct prices. Always source them from an authentic store that provides the certificate of authenticity.
sapphire Studs

After the stones you have to begin your hunt for the settings. Pick them in a metal you like whether white gold, yellow gold or platinum and always ensure the design has a firm grip on the stones.

Finally consult a jeweler who will complete them and you’ll have your very own pair of studs with the pretty pink sapphires.

Article Source – Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Studs

Diamonds are Essential to Complete The Looks

The glitter of diamond jewelry is timeless. For centuries, diamonds are complimenting the elite and elegant looks. They are also considered the best friend of a woman. And the brilliance and fire along with the hardness they possess make them the most desirable charm of every jewelry lover.

When we talk about diamond jewelry diamond earrings in a moment captures the major attention. From studs and dangles to hoops and chandeliers, endless styles are available in diamond earrings. One can easily finds a pair of charmed lights to lit up the desired looks.

Cluster studs, sleek dangles, bold teardrops or jazzy earrings, selection of diamond earrings depend on your style, occasion and ensembles. Although few designs like solitaire studs are all time favorite as they bring the glamor to every style and event. Yet few diamond earrings are more suitable for evening parties while others look adorable for a day out.

And the best about diamonds is that they bestow their shine to everything around them. This is the reason why most of the gemstone earrings came with accent diamonds. The colorless sensations when added to any gem, they effortlessly blend with it and lends the brightness to the stone, making it even more pleasing.

Diamond accents gracefully spice up the pretty hued earrings and bring out the beauty in a very justified manner. Let’s catch some timeless earrings which received a lot of appreciation for their imperial designs. Of course the main stone were worthy of praise yet we can’t deny that the addition of diamonds to them actually enhanced their beauty.

Diana earring Diana jewelery

Princess Diana had a collection of few most elegant and elite jewels of the world. Her vault was full of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, aquamarines and of course diamonds. Her love for diamonds is world known. Though the engagement ring she picked boasted a sapphire as the center stone yet she knew that it were the 14 diamond accents that bestowed the brilliance to the blue beauty.

Her famous sapphire studs and many other earrings were adorned with diamonds to enhance their beauty. These emerald and diamond earrings that Prince Charles presented her were among the few fine jewelry earrings she donned quite often. Another charming and worth mentioning pair of earrings is this aquamarine drops. These earrings were also boast a cage of accent diamonds and the drop is hanging through a cluster flower diamond stud.

Princess Mary    Princess Mary jewelery

Princess Mary is another royal lady who flaunted the brilliance of diamond accents. Her suite of ruby jewels was among the famous royal jewels that received a lot of praise for the fiery combination of ruby and diamond. The chandeliers of Princess Mary showed the glamor of ruby with the imperial luster of diamonds.

The light of diamond accents have always been lighting the red carpet. In recent red carpet events celebrities showed some spectacular colored jewelry and not to mention that diamonds gracefully lent the radiance to the main stones for a stately appeal.

Judy Greer  judy greer earrings

The green sapphire earrings of viola Davis in the diamond cage, the much talked emerald and diamond drop earrings of Berenice Bejo, the lovely ruby and diamond teardrops of Judy Greer and the 1950s sapphire and diamond pendant earrings of Helen Mirren are few of the ravishing red carpet jewels that became instant hit.

If you are also looking to get a pair of dramatic gemstone earrings for your style then don’t forget to punctuate it with the glitter of diamond accents.

Timeless Emerald Earrings

Emerald, accredited for its fine texture and beauty, is a real treat to our eyes. Emerald is the birthstone of those born in the month of May. This green beauty is an excellent option to become a piece of jewelry. Emerald earrings are an all time favorite among the lovers of gemstones. Not only does it go with any outfit out of your wardrobe, but it also adds elegance to your style.

Emerald-Cut-Emerald-and-Diamond-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SE0118EH Pear-Emerald-and-Diamond-Border-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SE0136EB Cushion-Emerald-Dangling-Earrings-in-14K-Yellow-Gold_SE0147EH

Emerald earrings are exquisite piece of jewelry and its worn taking into consideration many factors of which the shape of our face plays the most important role. There are specific recommendations for each of the face shapes. Oval shaped faces are considered to be the ideal shape and almost all the emerald earring designs suit these faces. Long emerald earrings when worn with evening wear, can highlight your best features. Emerald drop earrings are also a hit among women with oval faces. Oversized emerald diamond earrings are what suits square faced women as this balances the wide jaw line. The diamond shaped faces are the easiest to find accessories for, because almost all the designs go well with them. Long shaped faces look good when accessorized with emeralds earrings that draw attention to their cheekbones .Long emerald earrings are to be avoided by this category.

Once you accessorize yourself with emerald earrings or customized emerald earrings based on the shape of your face, you are halfway down to making your own fashion statement. The emerald green has always been the color of beauty and constant love. It’s the color of the nature and of spring time. The hue of emerald when captured in dazzling designs to become an earring is just what women would crave for.

Tips to Choose Perfect Earrings

You are in a hurry for office so you simply put on your diamond studs to accessorize your clothing and you are done. It’s just one example of how earrings play a very important role in enhancing our looks. They are not just a part of adornment but define the features of every woman in the best possible manner. They help us in looking more attractive, alluring and gracefully glamorous.


To ensure that earrings would rightly do their job pick the appropriate pair according to your face type, personality and occasion. Some people have oval face while others have round face type. Many have long face or heart shaped face. So face cut plays an important role in selecting right earrings.


Studs, teardrops, dangles and hoops with any shape and gemstone go equally perfect on people with oval face shape. Studs also look good on diamond face, long and thin face and if they are a bit angular then work great for round face too.

Similarly, drops looks pretty on round and diamond face and teardrops with wide bottom are suitable for heart shaped face.


Earrings could be classic, contemporary, glamorous, chic and traditional. It actually depends on the wearer’s personality. As studs have a classic and simple appeal they are liked by many people of all ages and fashion taste. Hoops and drops are other more favored type of earrings for everyday looks. And chandeliers are famous for their bold and bright statement.


For formal or everyday looks you can choose studs in different gemstones. Diamond studs are though classic and evergreen others are also loved by many. You can go for ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite or many other colored stones for varied and appealing style. Hoops or drops in combination of sapphire and diamonds or ruby and diamonds lend great sense of fashion without any overdo. They are right for day and night and never go wrong in punctuating the fine fashion flair.

For some rocking parties or big events you can choose diamond or gemstone chandeliers. They really add a magnificent aura to any event.

So make your collection of earrings a rich and vibrant one and enjoy a new you everyday!

Earrings to Make A Statement for Every Style

Women are always conscious about their looks. They want something exclusive and trendy to match their personality. Earrings being the most important fashion accessory add the right amount of style to their looks.


They are the type of jewelry that impresses every woman with their effortless beauty. Earrings reflect the style and character of wearer to the world. They are the piece of jewelry with the static sense of expression. The flamboyant sapphire hoops, opulent diamond studs or the brilliant emerald drops, all are uniquely gorgeous and simply expressive.


With more and more options in designer earrings, women are not restricted to limited colors, materials, styles or shapes to choose from. In fact, they like to go for matching earrings for a substantial appearance. The market is offering an entire range of matching designer earrings. Different material like gold, silver and platinum are preferred choice of most women. Similarly they like combination in gemstones. Sapphire, ruby and emerald with diamonds make the excellent combinations.

The best part of earrings is that they never go out of fashion. Instead, the same trend with or without changes repeat itself. Light and uncomplicated earrings of 1950s, for example are back in fashion. The classic studs are an all time earring style and the elaborated, innovative and daring chandeliers of 1960s are a style symbol of celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Kardashian.

Earrings are the popular jewelry type in every era and they really are a noticeable part of one’s style. I feel that earrings actually reflect the eternal beauty of a lady. Be it chandeliers, dangles, hoops or studs, every style has its own expression and influence on the personality. They not only enhance the looks but reflect the beauty of a woman in the simplest, straight and elegant manner.