Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg & Chan On Honeymoon In Italy

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Wedding HonymoonA very low key wedding is followed a honeymoon in Italy, but media sources are saying that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s is facing money woes which is evident from his stingy tipping to failed ATM transactions. So, all is not well for Zuckerberg as by was bounced off Bloomberg’s top 40 billionaire’s list besides the falling stock prices. But we know he will come out victorious and sparkle like his wife’s diamond studs.Mark Zuckerberg &  Priscilla Chan At Italy RestaurantTimes are tough for the Facebook CEO as his fortune fell to $14.7 billion on Tuesday. As a result he is no more on the Bloomberg list of top 40 billionaires. He has slipped to the 41 place and his net worth is $800 million less than a Colombian banking tycoon, Luis Carlos Sarmiento who is now on the list at the 40th spot.Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Travel To ItalyIf that was not annoying enough Facebook shares have dropped more than 25 per cent to $28.19 Priscilla Chan Wear Ruby Wedding RingBut as this couple has embarked upon their married life with a beautiful ruby wedding ring, they will soon be able to overcome all challenges. It is said that rubies is not only a symbol of love and passion but it can help in developing self confidence and self belief.