A Brief Guide to Diamond and Sapphire Rings

Facets of Diamonds (Explored!)

Jewelry is any day a high end purchase and demands a good deal of care while selecting the right piece especially if it is jewelry that is not only beautiful but also rare. Diamond and sapphire jewelry especially are two of the most coveted and stunning of all gemstones and when it comes to buying them one would need to look at the various aspects that should be taken into consideration. Diamond and sapphire rings especially should be selected with a lot of care. So here is a brief guide to help you select the right diamond and sapphire ring at the right price.

Since diamonds are every woman’s best friend and they like nothing better than a diamond ring sitting pretty on their fingers let us start with the guidelines for buying a diamond ring. The basic thing here is to know all about diamonds so in a nutshell diamond education is very important. The four Cs or cut, color, clarity and carat are yardsticks that determine the quality of diamonds. But amongst all these factors cut is the most important discerning factor that decides the quality of diamonds. So when you decide to buy a diamond ring gather all you can about the four Cs especially the cut of the stone that will lend your diamond rings its special shimmer.

Beautiful-Crossover-Diamond-Promise-Ring-in-10k-White-Gold_WL_FRW60824D_RegComing to sapphire rings which are equally breathtaking and as popular and sought after, once again the key to selecting the right sapphire ring lies in the four Cs but here with a slight variation. The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting any gemstone is the color. So with sapphire rings also color, clarity, cut and carat are factors that decide the quality and hence the value of the stone so while picking your favorite sapphire ring look primarily at the color of the stone and select a sapphire ring in which the stone is a clear vivid blue which is neither too dark nor too light.

Another thing that would really matter while buying both a diamond and a sapphire ring would be to find out what the latest fashion and jewelry trends are so that you can select a ring that is chic and stylish. Even otherwise if you are someone who prefers a classic appeal in jewelry go ahead and select a timeless sapphire ring or a diamond ring but make sure you do it with care.

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