Bezel-Set Diamond Studs

Bezel-Set Diamond StudsAlthough jewelry of all kinds look pretty and definitely add to the allure of any woman who sports them there is something timeless and forever beautiful quality in certain types and try as we may we simply cannot resist them to the extent that we don’t even mind more than one variety in our personal collection and willingly pay whatever the hefty price tag demands. One such example is a pair of dazzling diamond studs that is classic and ageless and always looks right.

When you wear this simple yet immensely elegant pair you know for certain your look will be perfect for the outfit as well as the occasion. Optimum yet stylish you can never go wrong with this favorite pair of yours. Interestingly we often don’t realize that here also there is a lot of scope for variety and the simplest way of giving your pair a whole new look would be to opt for a setting that stands out. Besides the fun part is that you can actually go for more than one pair that is set with the brilliant diamonds but with a different setting each time.

Trust me you will be amazed to see how this little element can change the entire look. If you’re contemplating which one to opt for let me suggest the bezel setting that is demure and classy with a total touch of style that belongs to it alone. Here the entire stone, in this case the diamond is rimmed with a metal sheath and completely surrounded by it from all over giving a unique beauty to the piece. This is also one setting that is known to be extremely sturdy and durable due to its continuous hold on the stone. Who wouldn’t want their precious diamonds to be secure and safe from damage and wear and of course from also falling off?

Bezel-Set Diamond Studs1Mostly used in case of round stones this setting actually makes the stone appear much larger especially if the metal used is platinum or gold. One thing is for certain when you don a pair of these gleaming rocks that boast of a setting as classy as this you are sure to stand out. Besides the best thing is that you can team this with any kind of clothes you want for they can complement formal wear, go well with office attire as well as look apt with a casual outfit.

So if solitaire studs are your weakness especially the dazzling diamond ones and in spite of owning a pair you can’t resist adding another one to your collection and you also have been looking for a reason to justify this indulgence you have it right here. With a distinction of its own and a subtle charm that is hard to resist, a pair of bezel set diamond studs are all you need.

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