Have a look at Naomi Watts morphing into Princess Diana

Naomi Watts morphs for new Princess Diana movie poster

When Naomi Watts started working on the biopic of Princess Diana both her fans and those of the Princess Diana were waiting to get a sneak peeks of how she will look in the movie. Reports are that Watts’ transition into the royal member is complete and the first film still has now been released of the movie. What is amazing the Watts is looking the spitting image of the princess on the new poster as anticipation mounts over its September release. The Sapphires look beautiful on her and with release date in the month of sapphire will bring all the luck for this film.

Naomi Watts morphs in the roll of diana

In this picture Naomi, shows off her blonde blow dried crop hair, looking just like the late Princess Diana used to style hers. She also wears regal blue in a glamorous dress and her ears and neck dripping with sapphire jewelry.


Watts is even wearing a ring in the poster, which seems to mimic the diamond and sapphire engagement ring Prince William gave to the Duchess of Cambridge when he proposed to her in memory of his late mother.


Though Princess Diana Spencer died in horrifying car crash in 1997, but this year the People’s Princess has been brought back to life in a film biopic of her life. Actress Naomi Watts is bringing the beloved royal back to life, recreating famous images of the former Princess of Wales.

The film directed by Olivier Hirschbiegel, follows the final years of the British icon’s life before her tragic death in Paris that forced the world into mourning.

Diana is due in UK theatres in September but it does not have a US release date yet.

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