Emerald and Diamond Studs

When the combination of lush green emeralds and sparkling diamonds combine together, the beauty that comes out is beyond description. And, when this amazing combination materializes in form of a pair of studs, then the appearance is surely mesmerizing!

Emerald and Diamond Studs

We are sure that you must be having some beautiful pairs of diamond studs in your jewelry wardrobe and now it is the time to have one more, but, with a beautiful twist. How about having an emerald in your diamond studs? It is too exciting for sure, and hence at Angra.com, we bring you a heart stealing pair of studs. A pear shaped lush green emerald stone is amazingly bordered with sparkling small, round shaped 15 diamonds.

Diamond and Emerald studs

The best part about this pair is that it can slip into any size of the pocket. The online store offers you the freedom to get it personalized. You can choose the quality of the stone viz. good, better, best and heirloom quality. Here the heirloom quality is the most priced one as this is the one that is available only at the top jewelry boutiques of the world. You can lovingly pass this quality gem to your future generations as well, and who will, in turn fondly treasure this beautiful ancestral jewelry. You can choose the other qualities, in case this one falls out of your budget.

The feature of choosing the carat weight of the stone will determine its size and choosing the metal type shall influence the look of the pair!

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