How to personalize old-new-borrowed-blue and a sixpence?

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” You must have heard of this old English rhyme that has an auspicious connection with a wedding. It beautifully explains what items a bride should carry to bring good luck and prosperity to her married life. She should carry one item of each category – old, new, borrowed, blue and sixpence. Let’s check out how a bride can include these good luck charms to her wedding.

How to personalize old-new-borrowed-blue and a sixpence

The tradition of this ritual was started in early Victorian era. It was believed that following the rhyme supports the bride in overcoming the stress of marriage, keeps her connected with the complete family and ensures her security, prosperity and good health. Earlier, the articles were given by family and friends but most brides these days work at their own to find a suitable piece for their wedding.

If you are looking to personalize the tradition for your wedding, you can try any of these ideas.

Something Old:

This first of five items represents bride’s connection with the family and her past life. It means that wherever you live, you will remain connected with your roots. It can be an antique or heirloom object, or anything sentimental.

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You can use your father’s car for the wedding day transportation, your childhood pillow to bear the ring, your grandmother’s handmade crochet table cover for the cake table, your mother’s diamond drop earrings as wedding jewelry or anything old that relates you with your family and friends.

Something New:

Certainly, everything will be new for you. The concept of including something new represents optimism for the future. It’s a symbol to show that the future is bright and beautiful.

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The new thing is your wedding dress (if you haven’t opted for your mother’s dress or an antique gown). You can also include your scandals, head accessories, a charm bracelet, your new lipstick and nail paint.

Something Borrowed:

Something Borrowed

Borrowing a thing for wedding from a happy couple or friend denotes that their good fortune will also help you in creating a blissful future. The borrowed items must be returned after the ceremony. It can be a small thing like a hairpin or a handkerchief or a bigger one like borrowing the backyard or farm to organize the wedding ceremony.

Something Blue:

Something Blue

Blue was the representation of fidelity and truth in old times. Blue dresses were worn to represent the ‘something blue’ tradition. However, the dresses were later replaced by small blue bands worn at the bottom of the wedding dress. You are not restricted to wear a blue dress or band. Include blue gemstone jewelry or a blue pin or brooch to follow the ritual.

Silver Sixpence:


It represents the blessings for financially secured future. You can include anything from an antique coin to a precious piece of jewelry to follow this tradition.