Close Up at the 2012 Angel Ball Jewels

The 2012 Angel Ball in New York City on Monday showed the helping spirits of stars. From all walks of professions the stars joined together to help the greater good. And without a question they did it in as usual starry manner.

2012 Angel Ball in New York City on Monday shows

The big apple soiree drew many big names including Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, reality ‘it’ lady Kim Kardashian with beau rapper Kanye West, Solange Knowles and Bar Rafaeli to name a few.

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West,Solange Knowles and Bar Rafaeli,Irina Shayk,

And without a second thought we are stating that the gala brought some really vibrant and extravagant earrings to get inspired from.

So here we have the eccentric jewels from 2012 Angel Ball Gala.

Irina Shyak

Irina Shayk Wore Cushion Emerald and Diamond EarringsCushion and Pear Emerald Dangling Earrings(1)

This Russian vixen once again showed her emerald love by donning those really bold cushion emerald and diamond earrings. And we are again in love with her selection.

Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn Wear Blue Crystal Dangles Pear, Square Sapphire and Diamond Dangle Earrings

This American model picked a dramatic color combo. With her svelte pink mermaid gown, Renn donned a pair of blue crystal dangles. The granular loop style of the earrings was amazing.

Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam Wear Diamond EarringsRound Diamond Earrings

The ‘doll faces’ supermodel styled her cross halter bejeweled dress with diamond earrings

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wear Sapphire Drop EarringsRound Sapphire and Pear Aquamarine Drop Earrings

The reality diva was all blue for the evening. With her loose fitted thigh high split dress she paired sapphire drop earrings.

Diamonds are Essential to Complete The Looks

The glitter of diamond jewelry is timeless. For centuries, diamonds are complimenting the elite and elegant looks. They are also considered the best friend of a woman. And the brilliance and fire along with the hardness they possess make them the most desirable charm of every jewelry lover.

When we talk about diamond jewelry diamond earrings in a moment captures the major attention. From studs and dangles to hoops and chandeliers, endless styles are available in diamond earrings. One can easily finds a pair of charmed lights to lit up the desired looks.

Cluster studs, sleek dangles, bold teardrops or jazzy earrings, selection of diamond earrings depend on your style, occasion and ensembles. Although few designs like solitaire studs are all time favorite as they bring the glamor to every style and event. Yet few diamond earrings are more suitable for evening parties while others look adorable for a day out.

And the best about diamonds is that they bestow their shine to everything around them. This is the reason why most of the gemstone earrings came with accent diamonds. The colorless sensations when added to any gem, they effortlessly blend with it and lends the brightness to the stone, making it even more pleasing.

Diamond accents gracefully spice up the pretty hued earrings and bring out the beauty in a very justified manner. Let’s catch some timeless earrings which received a lot of appreciation for their imperial designs. Of course the main stone were worthy of praise yet we can’t deny that the addition of diamonds to them actually enhanced their beauty.

Diana earring Diana jewelery

Princess Diana had a collection of few most elegant and elite jewels of the world. Her vault was full of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, aquamarines and of course diamonds. Her love for diamonds is world known. Though the engagement ring she picked boasted a sapphire as the center stone yet she knew that it were the 14 diamond accents that bestowed the brilliance to the blue beauty.

Her famous sapphire studs and many other earrings were adorned with diamonds to enhance their beauty. These emerald and diamond earrings that Prince Charles presented her were among the few fine jewelry earrings she donned quite often. Another charming and worth mentioning pair of earrings is this aquamarine drops. These earrings were also boast a cage of accent diamonds and the drop is hanging through a cluster flower diamond stud.

Princess Mary    Princess Mary jewelery

Princess Mary is another royal lady who flaunted the brilliance of diamond accents. Her suite of ruby jewels was among the famous royal jewels that received a lot of praise for the fiery combination of ruby and diamond. The chandeliers of Princess Mary showed the glamor of ruby with the imperial luster of diamonds.

The light of diamond accents have always been lighting the red carpet. In recent red carpet events celebrities showed some spectacular colored jewelry and not to mention that diamonds gracefully lent the radiance to the main stones for a stately appeal.

Judy Greer  judy greer earrings

The green sapphire earrings of viola Davis in the diamond cage, the much talked emerald and diamond drop earrings of Berenice Bejo, the lovely ruby and diamond teardrops of Judy Greer and the 1950s sapphire and diamond pendant earrings of Helen Mirren are few of the ravishing red carpet jewels that became instant hit.

If you are also looking to get a pair of dramatic gemstone earrings for your style then don’t forget to punctuate it with the glitter of diamond accents.

The Reason Women Wear Big Earrings

Honestly speaking women don’t really need a reason to dress up.Princess-Diamond-Stud-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SEW0835D_Reg The fact is they love dressing up to look beautiful. That is perhaps the secret behind the inception of jewelry for what can possibly be a more wonderful way of looking charming than by donning a few glittering pieces of jewelry. Talking of jewelry the most favored piece of jewelry for most women across the world is undoubtedly earrings. Women absolutely love their earrings and you will hardly ever see any woman leaving the house without having clasped this well loved item.

Although women love earrings in every kind of design, style and size most of them are especially fond of big earrings that are not just beautiful but also equally eye catching and attractive. The most basic reason why women wear big earrings is to Round-Diamond-Stud-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SEW0705D_Reglook beautiful and grab eyeballs for there is hardly any woman who can resist appreciative glances.

The reasons why big earrings are a favored piece of jewelry are many. To start with they are a good way of camouflaging a lot of things especially big ears and sagging earlobes. A lot of women who have these issues prefer to remove the attention from their ears and transfer it to their earrings instead and therefore prefer large and conspicuous diamond earrings.

Big earrings are also a great way of dealing with a bad hair day something which most women complain of. So if there are days that you’re not happy with the way your hair looks simply try and focus of the earrings instead and opt for a big pair that will draw attention to them instead of your hair. Round-Diamond-Hoop-Earrings-in-14K-Yellow-Gold-(1.9-ctw.)_DEY17821_Reg

A lot of women go for surgical enhancement of their ears in order to make them look beautiful and there are many who like to wear big earrings and draw attention to these newly acquired assets.

Big and beautiful earrings look lovely at certain events and occasions where one is required to dress up and women hardly ever let go of a chance like this where they can flaunt their big and bold pairs of earrings.

Fashion is ever evolving and a lot of women love to go with the flow of trends so whenever big earrings are in vogue they are only too happy to sport these favorite pieces.

Let me end by saying you really don’t need a reason to sport your big earrings, the fact that they make you look so beautiful is reason enough.

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