Celebrity Ponytails for an Award Winning Style

The glamorous galleries of Hollywood have a lot to show us in fashion. Here style changes with moods, moments and months. At times the attires and accessories attract you. And then there could be the shimmering make-up or a distinctive hairstyle that could steal the show.

So without any further waiting, here is a comprehensive list of best celeb ponytail styles for a red-carpet-worthy glamour. You can choose a suitable style for a beaming style. But wait! There aren’t only the hair-dos; the selection also shows off dazzling earrings. Now that’s a pretty fair deal – for a highlighted fashion a perfectly done hair art with a designer brilliance.

Let’s start with the names –

Miley Cyrus Wear Dazzling EarringsOval Aquamarine and Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Before the chopping, the newly engaged teen singer had showed us how to radiate the zone with an extra-long ponytail. Don’t forget to observe her shoulder-hugging chandeliers. With a tight pony, the earrings are working perfect.

Taylor Swifts Wear diamond Caged Pearl DropsRound Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Heart Earrings

The inerrable Taylor Swift knew the perfect award ceremony style. The singer added some swirling bangs to her long pony while gave the way to the diamond caged pearl drops to show them up.

Kim kardashin Wear Diamond StudsRound Diamond Solitaire Studs

When it’s about ponytails, we can’t miss to mention Kim Kardashian. The reality star is famous for her long, sleek pony and big diamond studs. We can see both in the above image.

Diane Kruger Wear Motif Diamond EarringsRound Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Earrings

Oh, the pretty juror! We were complete amused by the various classic looks of  at Cannes 2012. And this Christian Dior windowpane gown is one of them. As know for Kruger, she swept her locks in a simple yet classic high pony and added just a pair of designer floral motif diamond earrings for a finishing look.

Olivia Wilde Wear Electric EarringsRound Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings

Last but not the least, the simple yet saucy ponytail of Olivia Wilde is for those who want a combination of classic and sensual drama. Her electric earrings are a starry touch to the charm.

Diamond Studs can Bake The Best Gift for Birthday Girl Adele

This weekend Grammy Winner Adele turned 24. This gem of a singer who is a record-breaking, multi-platinum queen of breakup songs needs something special for her birthday. We are suggesting diamonds instead of the emerald jewelry that is one of the best gift option for this May born because we have seen that this singing sensations loves diamonds, so a pair of diamond studs can really impress this songstress.

Adele Dangle Earrings Dangling Diamond Earrings Princess-Diamond-Stud-Earrings

She was still in her teens when Adele received two Grammy awards in 2009. But even at a very young age the singer had her share of disappointments when she had to cancel a number of tour dates in order to undergo microsurgery on her vocal cords.

But she came out stronger with these problems and was back with a bang at the 2012 Grammys. She gave an amazing performance and walked away with a record-tying six awards. And the megahits just keep on coming. So, just as her songs are a music to our ears we want that her ears sparkle with beautiful diamond studs.

Why Round Diamonds Are Popular For Earrings?

Whether it’s a radiant engagement ring or pair of lustrous earrings, round brilliant diamonds are by far the most popular and famous of all the diamond shapes.

From simple classic diamond studs to designer hoops, dangles or chandeliers, almost every style of earrings has round cut diamonds. Studded in different designs, these round diamonds create an array of sparkle. But what is so special about this traditional diamond shape which makes diamond earrings so popular.

Round cut is the ideal cut for diamond as it reflects maximum light. It is also known as round brilliant cut due to its significant attributes of highest brilliance, fire and sparkle.


A round cut has a standard number of 57 facets shaped like triangles or kites. They positioned in outward direction to enhance the diamond brilliance. When light enters into a round diamond it disperses equally and show off the different colors of the spectrum. And then the entire amount of entered light is reflected by the diamond which makes a diamond shine more brilliantly.

This outstanding quality of maximum light reflection makes round diamonds the favorite for earrings. Round diamond earrings give more radiance and luster to the face and beautifully highlight the facial features.


Choose round diamond circle earrings in 14k white gold or pick more traditional round diamond hoop earrings, you will definitely feel more ravishing when you’ll pair them with your stylish ensembles. Even color round diamonds have their special appeal and beauty. Along with the brilliance and fire of round shape, they add the desired hint of color to the looks.

Round diamond earrings in every style, design and flair are the most alluring of all diamond shapes and so they deserve to be a part of an enticing collection.

Diamond Studs – Bright and Beautiful Christmas Surprise

Want to surprise her this Christmas? Diamond stud earrings will do it perfectly. Diamond studs have unmatched grace, beauty and elegance. They are the charming and classic piece of jewelry and make a perfect gift for women. These simple solitaires for women ears can add electrifying effect to any outfit. Be it a hectic weekly routine or a romantic evening and even a fun loaded outing, a pair of diamond studs is best for every occasion. This gorgeous forever jewelry is surprisingly affordable too.

Round Diamond Stud Earringsprincess diamond designer stud earrings

You don’t have to search a lot; many online stores are offering good quality diamond studs. These stores have very easy customization process that allows buyers in getting the best piece of jewelry as per their choice. Simply select the diamond shape, setting style, metal type, carat weight and clarity of the stone and you’ll get the pretty Christmas gift for your sweetheart at your door step.

The custom designing will give you enormous satisfaction about your selection and will make her feel more special. Of course the priceless shine on her face is beyond explanation.

The Reason Women Wear Big Earrings

Honestly speaking women don’t really need a reason to dress up.Princess-Diamond-Stud-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SEW0835D_Reg The fact is they love dressing up to look beautiful. That is perhaps the secret behind the inception of jewelry for what can possibly be a more wonderful way of looking charming than by donning a few glittering pieces of jewelry. Talking of jewelry the most favored piece of jewelry for most women across the world is undoubtedly earrings. Women absolutely love their earrings and you will hardly ever see any woman leaving the house without having clasped this well loved item.

Although women love earrings in every kind of design, style and size most of them are especially fond of big earrings that are not just beautiful but also equally eye catching and attractive. The most basic reason why women wear big earrings is to Round-Diamond-Stud-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold_SEW0705D_Reglook beautiful and grab eyeballs for there is hardly any woman who can resist appreciative glances.

The reasons why big earrings are a favored piece of jewelry are many. To start with they are a good way of camouflaging a lot of things especially big ears and sagging earlobes. A lot of women who have these issues prefer to remove the attention from their ears and transfer it to their earrings instead and therefore prefer large and conspicuous diamond earrings.

Big earrings are also a great way of dealing with a bad hair day something which most women complain of. So if there are days that you’re not happy with the way your hair looks simply try and focus of the earrings instead and opt for a big pair that will draw attention to them instead of your hair. Round-Diamond-Hoop-Earrings-in-14K-Yellow-Gold-(1.9-ctw.)_DEY17821_Reg

A lot of women go for surgical enhancement of their ears in order to make them look beautiful and there are many who like to wear big earrings and draw attention to these newly acquired assets.

Big and beautiful earrings look lovely at certain events and occasions where one is required to dress up and women hardly ever let go of a chance like this where they can flaunt their big and bold pairs of earrings.

Fashion is ever evolving and a lot of women love to go with the flow of trends so whenever big earrings are in vogue they are only too happy to sport these favorite pieces.

Let me end by saying you really don’t need a reason to sport your big earrings, the fact that they make you look so beautiful is reason enough.

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Black Is The New White

Black is back. Black is in. Gone are the days that only the conventional white diamonds were the rulers. Now is the time for dark, for black.

Black diamond stud earrings

Black diamonds, with their unconventional beauty and astounding brilliance are the favorites of the woman of today. Blacks beautifully complement the whites and a combination of black and white diamonds is much admired by one and all.

One could also find a wonderful piece of black Tahitian pearls. These black pearls are classic and can accompany any evening dress in the most stylish manner.

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