Why Round Diamonds Are Popular For Earrings?

Whether it’s a radiant engagement ring or pair of lustrous earrings, round brilliant diamonds are by far the most popular and famous of all the diamond shapes.

From simple classic diamond studs to designer hoops, dangles or chandeliers, almost every style of earrings has round cut diamonds. Studded in different designs, these round diamonds create an array of sparkle. But what is so special about this traditional diamond shape which makes diamond earrings so popular.

Round cut is the ideal cut for diamond as it reflects maximum light. It is also known as round brilliant cut due to its significant attributes of highest brilliance, fire and sparkle.


A round cut has a standard number of 57 facets shaped like triangles or kites. They positioned in outward direction to enhance the diamond brilliance. When light enters into a round diamond it disperses equally and show off the different colors of the spectrum. And then the entire amount of entered light is reflected by the diamond which makes a diamond shine more brilliantly.

This outstanding quality of maximum light reflection makes round diamonds the favorite for earrings. Round diamond earrings give more radiance and luster to the face and beautifully highlight the facial features.


Choose round diamond circle earrings in 14k white gold or pick more traditional round diamond hoop earrings, you will definitely feel more ravishing when you’ll pair them with your stylish ensembles. Even color round diamonds have their special appeal and beauty. Along with the brilliance and fire of round shape, they add the desired hint of color to the looks.

Round diamond earrings in every style, design and flair are the most alluring of all diamond shapes and so they deserve to be a part of an enticing collection.