Some Tinseltown Leading Ladies and Their Diamond Studs

On Tuesday night some leading ladies of the tinseltown were at Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London. Some of the memorable looks for the evening sparkled because of they were punctuated with diamond studs. For all those new to showbiz world, it is one of the biggest events on the UK showbiz calendar. Like any other big event it again gives these celebs a chance to dazzle and shine.


Glee’s Lea Michele had all the reasons to smile as she featured on the list of winners and she turned heads with her long dark blue strapless gown with a mermaid tail.


But the star that looked stunning yet simple was Jessica Alba. She wore a long black lace gown with chiffon material around the neckline and shoulders. Her flawless make-up along with her hair pinned up on her head immediately drew attention to the beautiful studs that added sparkle to her lobes.


Though diamond studs always look good with black gowns who can forget the famous diamond studs of Angelina Jolie wore along with Versace dress at “The Tourist” Berlin Premiere.


She loves these studs and that is why she again wore a pair at the Golden Globe. These Platinum and diamond stud earrings were really huge at 25 carats and this time it was teamed with the cream satin gown with a side slit that cut up to her thigh.


Coming back to the event on the Tuesday one more A-listers who wore the diamond studs to perfection was Eva Longoria. She had flown across the Atlantic especially for this event and after a week of parading a number of glamorous frocks at Cannes, she dressed up in an Orange number for a change. Her orange Victoria Beckham dress looked like she was off for a girlie lunch and not for a red carpet bash but still managed to look fantastic.


Besides these, there were many more ladies flaunting their gowns and gemstone jewelry at the red carpet including Oscar nominee and The Help star Viola Davis. She looked gorgeous in a sparkly black dress. The actress who may soon be playing Princess Diana, Naomi Watts was also on the guestlist and she wore a black and beige dress for the evening.


But the real winner for the evening was undoubtedly Kylie Minogue. Besides being the award winner she was also a highlight of the red carpet parade. The 44-year-old singer looked years younger in her glittering gold gown with a huge bronze ring as her only accessory but we feel that a pair of diamond studs could have made it even more memorable.

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