Best Celebrity Inspired Pearl Earrings

kate Worn Alexandra McQueen Dress

Kate Middleton’s diamond Jubilee glamour had certainly stunned us. She was the picture of pose during the celebration. Her Alexandra McQueen sheath lace dress was a sure heart stealer. But we can’t neglect her pearl earrings. Though they were not the real pearls or diamond, yet they were pearls nevertheless! They certainly added a lot of glamour to the looks of the princess.

Keira KnightleyRound Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Dangling Earrings

Well, pearls are certainly the ideal add-ons for any style. Celebrities are often seen with their pearls at various events. In fact, pearl jewelry, particularly the soft hued earrings, can effectively make any dressing look gorgeous.

Queen Elizabeth II Favorite Pearl Earrings

Classic natural pearls in various shades of white and pink are loved by all. Simple pearl studs like those of Angelina Jolie, or the brilliant combination of diamonds and bold pearls like the queen Elizabeth II’s favorite earrings are always in demand.

Like us, if you are also fascinated with celebrity pearl earrings and want to have few look-a-likes in your vaults, then these findings would surely please you.

Kate Middleton’s Jubilee Earrings:

Though the princess had worn the imitation pearls for the grand celebration, but that doesn’t mean you should also go for something like this. If you have a love for natural pearls and want similar designs, then you can try these 14K white gold diamond and real pearl earrings.

Round Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Two-Tier Earrings

The pinkish Akoya cultured pearls in these dangles with diamonds can complement any style. These princess inspired earrings are also pocket friendly.

Princess Kate Worn The Two-Tier Akoya Pearl Earrings

Another pair of Kate Middleton’s jewelry inspired earrings is these two-tier Akoya pearl earrings. Kate paired the earrings with her sweet pleated pink dress for the garden party during the Jubilee celebration.

Elizabeth Taylor Worn Two-Tier Akoya Pearl Earrings

This is one of the classic styles of pearl earrings. A similar design was worn by the silver screen queen Elizabeth Taylor for her film ‘A Place in the Sun’ in 1951.

Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘The Ladies of Devonshire Earrings’:

Queen Mary's pearl & diamond Necklace CollectionPrincess Elizabeth Worn Pear & Diamond Earrings

Of course, the pearl and diamond earrings of her majesty are timeless and unmatched. The earrings given by Ladies of Devonshire to Princess Mary were designed to match a pearl and diamond necklace in her collection. They were given by Queen Mary to Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift in 1947.

You must have seen her majesty with these earrings. She wears them often as they are among her favorite jewels. For the Jubilee celebrations, the Queen paired the same earrings with her three strand pearl necklace for most of the events. We can imagine their value as they belong to the queen.

Round Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Tri-Top Earrings

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have something similar. In fact, here is a pretty charming option that would add the royal glow to your classy look. These cultured Akoya pearls are topped with a set of three round diamonds. This brilliant and luminous stud pair has the similar imperial feel. And the good news is that, it will cost you much less.

Angelina Jolie’s French Premiere Earrings:

 Angelina Jolie

The Academy Award winner is famous for her simple yet sensual style and out-of-the-world fashion. Though emerald is known as Jolie’s favorite rock, yet the diva also flaunts pearls with the same grace and grandeur. Whether it is a flick in her film or her directorial debut premiere, Angie knows the pearl power.

Angelina Jolie Worn pearl Earrings

For the French world premiere of her directorial debut ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ in Paris, she paired the Lorraine Schwartz extravagant pearl earrings with the Ralph and Russo pencil dress.

Now, we love the look but won’t that be a really big deal if we’ll try for the celebrity brand. Instead, if a pretty charming cultured pearl pair is available at a lower price, wouldn’t we all be thrilled with it? If a princess can go for imitation, we can go for real in less!

Round Akoya Cultured Pearl Earrings

So here is the similar style studs perched in 18K yellow gold. The earrings showcase pink Akoya cultured pearls set in gold.

Now that you have few celebrity style options and that too at an affordable price, you should know what you have to do!!!