Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Studs

Studs always look pretty especially when they are set with the charming pink sapphires. This is one variety of earrings we all reach out for whenever in doubt as to what to wear and never do they fail us with their optimum elegance and beauty. Give a twist to your most trusted pair by making them yourself with the blushing sapphires.
Pink sapphire Studs
The scope to play with the design is restricted in studs so the focus should always be on the stones so select them with care. Decide what shape and size of stones you’d like in your pair. You can opt for the classic round, cushion and oval or the more interesting marquise, pear, heart and princess. They come in a fine array of shapes and sizes and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Before you start searching for the right gems it is important that you do a detailed study on them and understand how color, clarity, cut and carat affect their look and price. This will help you buy the perfect stones at correct prices. Always source them from an authentic store that provides the certificate of authenticity.
sapphire Studs

After the stones you have to begin your hunt for the settings. Pick them in a metal you like whether white gold, yellow gold or platinum and always ensure the design has a firm grip on the stones.

Finally consult a jeweler who will complete them and you’ll have your very own pair of studs with the pretty pink sapphires.

Article Source – Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Studs