Suri Cruise’s $130,000 Christmas Wish List!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are quite busy with Christmas preparations. They have an extravagant shopping list of their 5-year-old daughter Suri. The festive shopping is on full swing and this time it’s just $130,000 Christmas wish list from Suri which only includes a pony, a pair of diamond studs and a custom designed fairy gown for the little princess.



It’s well known that tom and Katie love holidays and always go overboard. This time also they are buying absolutely everything which their daughter wishes for. Suri is the most influential celebrity kid and she has great fashion senses. She owns a wardrobe worth $3 million of designer shoes and her star parents are famous for throwing luxurious birthday parties for her. So it’s no surprise that her Christmas wish list is on the higher side.


Well that’s about Tom and Katie’s daughter but if you also want to bring an extravagant surprise for your little ones then you need not to spend those extra zeros. If your baby princess likes diamonds get her a pair of brilliant stud earrings in your budget. There are many online stores there who have some good quality diamond studs at very reasonable prices. You can also choose from colorful precious stone like sapphire or tanzanite to make her feel imperial. After all it’s not dollars that always matters!