Are they married! Sparkling wedding rings spark the rumors!!!

Recently the cute couple “Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell” were seen wearing what seemed like ‘wedding rings’ on a romantic stroll. So rumor machine is rife that the couple has secretly tied the knot. It is not the first time that there have been rumors of their engagement. However, this time the rings on their wedding fingers seem to just confirm the rumors.

As we can also see in these pictures these rings are on their respective wedding ring fingers. As for the details Evan Rachel Wood’s ring had a white metal shank studded with a sparkling, while 26-year-old Jamie was seen wearing a simple gold band.

Jamie Bell's Simple Gold Wedding Band Evan Rachel Wood's Engagement Ring

As for the appearance the couple looked casual dressed in hipster attire. Evan wore a black blazer over a striped T-shirt, along with boyfriend jeans, studded black ankle boots and a black trilby hat. Jamie on the other hand dressed in a black T-shirt, brown trousers and matching ankle boots.

The couple has been very active on twitter but this time they are strangely mum. In the past there has been an occasion when Evan was spotted sporting a sparkler on her ring finger. However at that time the pair had thwarted the engagement rumors.

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell

This acting couple originally met in 2005 when they both starred opposite each other in a music video for Green Day’s song Wake Me Up When September Ends. Though, they split up after a year of dating, only to get back together last summer.

What do you think are they married? Interestingly However Evan has posted a message on one of these social networking sites saying ‘A picture says a thousand words doesn’t it?’ So, is it referring to the wedding rings?

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Matte-Finish-Wedding-Band Round Diamond Matte Finish-Ring

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