Diamond Studs Are A Must Have Part of Every Woman’s Jewelry Collection

Happy New Year to all! Hope you all had a blasting new year. My year has started with the brilliant shine. Actually this year I got a pair of scintillating diamond studs as a New Year gift. It was a sheer surprise for me and I was stunned by the beauty of the studs. They are just lovely and gorgeous!


And I’m so excited about my studs that I want to share this happiness with you all. The most exciting thing is that I got diamonds! I love the majestic appeal that diamonds have and always wanted to have a pair of diamond earrings. My studs are princess cut simply prong set in platinum. The diamonds are SI-1 clarity with G color. They are the basic style studs but are looking very classic and elegant. And they are perfectly accessorizing my entire wardrobe.


We all know that white diamonds are classified on the basis of color, cut, clarity and carat and these studs have everything which top quality jewelry should have. The color range of diamond starts from Z which stands for dull yellow diamonds and it goes towards the higher side with more clarity and ends at D which stands for flawless pure white or colorless diamond. D color diamonds are very rare and expensive also.


A raw diamond is cut in different shapes to enhance its brilliance and light reflecting quality. Diamonds generally have slight inclusions and blemishes which set the range of their clarity. SI is the upper mid range of clarity. It stands for slight inclusions. Flawless diamonds have no inclusions and blemishes and they are highly priced. The weight of diamonds is also a noteworthy feature and high carat diamonds cost higher.


The beauty and grace that diamond studs hold make them a desired jewelry for every woman. They can easily be paired with any outfit and are right for all occasions. So just imagine I have something that could add more sparkle to my style and I don’t have to put much effort for that. If you don’t have a pair of diamond studs go and get one. I’m sure you’ll be doubled with joy and would get compliments every time you don them.