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We are passionate about gemstones and jewelry. All that glitters fascinate us and tempts us to explore and write about it. From jewelry information to latest trends, glorious history and more, we cover everything in our blogs. Not just we have versatile topics to write and discuss, we have a unique flair of writing that makes our content more engaging and impressive. We are committed to provide quality content that is informative, unique and interesting.

We know the fact that every writer is unique, therefore, we would like to expand our team of expert writers. In order to do that, we are starting a contributor program where we welcome quality guest posts from our visitors.

If you visit our blog and like to contribute on it, then it is a time to do that. You can submit unique content and could get a chance to win a sparkling gift. If your article will meet our quality guidelines and got published, you will get a remarkable gift of gemstone pendant.

Before you submit a guest post, please ensure…

  • Your post is at least 350 words long.
  • It is unique, free from plagiarism, not submitted/ published elsewhere.
  • The title is interesting and induces readers to read on.
  • Your post deals with an idea, industry or information.
  • It should not be promotional in nature to endorse a company or a brand.
  • All the images sent along the post should be royalty free or you should have a license or right to use them.

Submit your entries here.

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    Looking forward to hear from you.

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